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                  Resource Library

                    TYPE    EBOOKS          |         REPORTS          |          WEBINARS
                  2017 State of Pipeline Marketing Report  An annual study of how B2B marketers drive growth Download Now NEW
                  B2B AdWords Industry Benchmark 2017  See how you stack up against your industry peers Download Now NEW!
                  The Total Economic Impact of Bizible  The full impact of implementing multi-touch attribution Download Now NEW!
                  ABM Insights & Recommendations  The state of ABM, and where to go from here. Download Now NEW!
                  LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report 2016  How does your LinkedIn marketing stack up? Download Now 1k+ downloads
                  B2B AdWords Industry Benchmark 2016  See how you stack up against your industry peers Download Now 2.5k downloads
                  ABM Metrics Report 2016  Get dozens of brand new insights and stats on ABM metrics Download Now 1k+ downloads